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Curating a Unique Experience through Furniture + Finishes

Each furnished environment brings its own unique demands. Designed to support people, evoke the senses, create community, or calm, a combination of well planned, thoughtfully selected, and beautifully finished furnishings can enhance culture, create an experience, or showcase your brand.

Henricksen represents over 500 manufacturers of contract grade furniture solutions ranging from major manufacturers capable of providing furniture across the entire floorplate and across the globe, to custom or bespoke craftspeople creating a unique experience through a one-of-a-kind piece. This broad offering allows you to furnish your entire project, regardless of style, palette, budget, performance, or warranty.

Henricksen's knowledgeable team of account executives, designers, project managers, and project coordination professionals across the country will be your trusted guides as you navigate your furniture project and the tens of thousands of available products. We will advocate for your needs and identify the best solutions to meet your goals and requirements.

  • 2023 Look Book

    Spatially Dyanamic: Modern Workplace

    Spatially Dynamic: Modern Workplace is a forward-thinking, inspirational, and insight-driven showcase featuring a broad cross-section of applications from Henricksen's portfolio of workplace solutions. Together Apart, Applied Acoustics, Neurodiversity, Digital Equity, Mobility + Adaptability, Soft Architecture, Sustainable Solutions, Luxe + Cozy, and Outside In are the workplace themes highlighted.

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