• Furniture + Finishes

    Platform for Innovation

    Furniture is the tie that binds people to space. In a successfully designed environment, furniture is used as a tool to support human interaction, encourage the wellness and comfort, integrate technology, and adapt to changing needs.

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  • Design Public Group

    Connecting great designers with beautiful ancillary

    A spec + procurement platform designed for project success, Design Public Group offers a space to discover inspiring designer brands, build real time budgets, and understand lead times for project schedules. Start your next project by logging in or creating a free account.

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  • Architectural Solutions

    Supporting Change

    Today's office environment is in constant flux. Demountable architectural products enable easy, efficient reconfigurations with minimal disruptions to an organization's daily operations.

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  • Flooring

    Durable Foundations

    Our flooring specialists will specify the best carpet tiles, broadloom carpet, and resilient flooring options for your project.

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  • Window Treatments

    Sustainability, Wellness, Function

    Integrating window treatments improves user comfort while contributing to building performance and design intent of a space.

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  • Lighting

    Create Space, Draw Focus, Bring Energy

    Purposeful and practical lighting solutions for comfort, style, and impact.

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  • Acoustic Solutions

    A quieter work environment

    Improve acoustical performance with thought-out and well-designed sound absorbing solutions.

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