At Henricksen, we honor our past and relentlessly
build toward our future.

In 1962, Shirley Henricksen forged a new path when she began her business in a male-dominated industry. More than sixty years later, we continue to build on her legacy of courage, creativity, and respect for all with Our Henricksen Promise. This promise is our commitment to cultivating relationships and fostering a culture of inclusion, diversity, equity, and growth. 

As we strive to deliver on Our Henricksen Promise, and create exceptional experiences for each and every customer, team member, and partner; we are further guided by Our Core Values. These values set a clear standard for how we contribute and engage with you and with each other. Each value is a nod to the past and a cornerstone of our future success. 


Build meaningful relationships and networks. Communicate with composure, focus, and respect. Engage others with empathy, equity, and integrity. Represent the best of our craft. Stay true to our vision and values. 

Appreciate the unique differences, perspectives, and contributions of all people. Connect with honesty and openness. Encourage curiosity, learning, and growth. Hold each other accountable. Represent our true selves in all we do.

Deliver quality results in the best interests of our clients and our people. Drive to create exceptional client experiences. Promote and recognize the passion, performance, and potential of our people. Strive to be the best partner in our industry. Trust and empower our people to lead.

Champion the needs and success of our clients and our people. Engage with a collaborative approach. Embrace change and seek continuous improvements to optimize what we do. Harness our collective strengths. Overcome adversity. Pursue innovation and creativity. 

Focus on our shared sense of purpose and passions. Engage with positivity, levity, and gratitude to uplift the human spirit. Inspire the best in each other and what we do. Make a positive difference in our work and our communities. Unite and celebrate our people, partners, and success. 



Shirley Henricksen established Henricksen Office Furniture in Des Plaines, Illinois.


Steve + Lois McPartlin (Shirley Henricksen's daughter) purchase Henricksen.

Henricksen reached $1MM in annual sales.


Henricksen breaks ground on new corporate headquarters in Itasca, Illinois.


Henricksen becomes HNI dealer.


Henricksen opens second showroom, located in Downtown Chicago, Illinois.


Henricksen expands to central Illinois, established a third showroom located in Peoria, Illinois.


Henricksen expands into Wisconsin, established showroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Henricksen becomes largest HNI dealer partner.


Henricksen establishes showroom in Madison, Wisconsin.


Henricksen expands into Minnesota with acquisition of Metro Furniture Solutions in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Steve + Lois McPartlin retire.

Mike Assell leads Henricksen as President.


Henricksen celebrates 50th anniversary.

Henricksen enters the New York City market, establishes showroom in Midtown Manhattan.


Henricksen reaches $258MM in annual sales.

Mike Assell retires. Russell Frees leads Henricksen as President + CEO.


Henricksen celebrates 60th anniversary.

Henricksen enters the Tennessee market including Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga with acquisition of Synergy Business Environments.

Henricksen enters the Philadelphia and Washington, DC markets with acquisition of COFCO.


We understand the important role nonprofit and community organizations play in the well-being and vitality of our own communities. As an organization, and as individuals, Henricksen and our team members contribute time, talent, products, resources, and space to organizations across the country. This support is an investment in the critical work being done to strengthen our communities. 

Some of the organizations we support include:


Our leadership team, representing each of Henricksen’s core geographic regions, are the stewards of the legacy of Shirley Henricksen. These leaders are deliberate in their efforts to foster a culture that promotes diversity, empowerment, individuality, inclusion, equity, and opportunity for our team members, and the communities we serve.