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Flooring: Durable Foundations

Our Minneapolis office employs a dedicated team of flooring specialists to service clients throughout the Upper Midwest.

We use the latest technology in estimating and specifying floor covering in the industry. Starting from an architectural plan of the space, our software calculates accurate usage estimates by virtually laying out the product in various patterns and directions to ensure we have the proper specification for an application. This accuracy in the planning phase helps to identify potential issues before they arise and reduces waste to save our clients money.

Our flooring group offers comprehensive services, including budget + estimating, product specification + design, standards program development, removal + disposal, floor preparation, delivery + installation, project management, and field repair.

In formulating recommendations for a project, our flooring specialists consider the criteria that may impact a flooring selections such as performance + durability goals, health + safety, wayfinding, budget, aesthetics, and branding.

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